You are blood

Blood is thicker than water, The words of an abandoned daughter. You will fight for each other, You will protect each other, You are blood. Never take one another for granted, Never let love make you enchanted. Fight for each other, Protect each other, You are blood. Watch over sister and brother, You will notContinue reading “You are blood”

Poems from my earlier self (at the tender age of 13 years)

The End Remember it all. Nowhere to go, no one to call, The fear on people’s faces, ‘to the showers’ they were told. The odor lingering, The smell of burning flesh, Sweeps past gaunt, solemn faces, Staring at empty spaces. Stripped of clothes and dignity, Hearts thumping, fear amounts, Out of line, a young boyContinue reading “Poems from my earlier self (at the tender age of 13 years)”

A conversation with Me

“Hi Soul, what do you need me to hear?” “Yourself” “Why?” “You already have all the answers” “But I cannot understand them, it’s all jumbled up in my head and my stomach hurts too much and……” “STOP” “Stop what?” “Trying to fix everything, sometimes, things need to be left broken, that is the way itContinue reading “A conversation with Me”

The Fear

My soul has been drowned by emotions, They ebb, flow, then cascade. Sometimes in the still, they are still too. Shaded by the branches of everyday tasks, so mundane they seem needless. I cannot understand…….. when the fear comes, It crashes over me and I panic, It crushes my spirit, It captures my soul, andContinue reading “The Fear”

Fruit fly

You entered my home, With the assumption you were allowed. You explored wherever you liked, Lingering too long in the kitchen. I watched you intently, You moved lazily towards the window. A mist descended upon you, I hope your time was fruitful, Little fruit fly. RA Copyright © 2020 Gourmet for the Soul – AllContinue reading “Fruit fly”

A little about me

So, I have to introduce myself! Em fun times. Hi, my name is Rö, a cute little nickname I acquired in a better moment of childhood. So it was Rö or Pigeon-hmm! Please do not get me wrong with pigeons, I like them, (check out Spies in Disguise), just preferred Rö and that my lovelyContinue reading “A little about me”