Absence- does it make the heart grow fonder?

Lots of thought and little action, brings tears. Moments of happiness, are stolen. Time an immortal enemy, Distance the battlefield. Yearning for the one fated glimmer of hope, Absence, does it make the heart grow fonder? Copyright © 2020 Gourmet for the Soul – All rights reserved

You are blood

Blood is thicker than water, The words of an abandoned daughter. You will fight for each other, You will protect each other, You are blood. Never take one another for granted, Never let love make you enchanted. Fight for each other, Protect each other, You are blood. Watch over sister and brother, You will notContinue reading “You are blood”

Fruit fly

You entered my home, With the assumption you were allowed. You explored wherever you liked, Lingering too long in the kitchen. I watched you intently, You moved lazily towards the window. A mist descended upon you, I hope your time was fruitful, Little fruit fly. RA Copyright © 2020 Gourmet for the Soul – AllContinue reading “Fruit fly”

Adagio for Lovers

RA Among all the voices, I hear but one, inside my head, resounding like a bell. The line of street lamps glow like fairy lights, the air is filled with the music of thought. Tears, as the heart’s rhythm races with the music, Moonlight tinkling reality’s piano. In my mind lovers dance, he held her,Continue reading “Adagio for Lovers”