Puff! Gone

The hardest thing about Writing for me are not the words or what I will write. It is finding the time to write. As a full-time worker, mum and wife, I find nearly impossible to get time to gather my thoughts and sit down and write a chapter or two. I find myself stealing moments here and there to jot down ideas or type something up quickly. It is definitely a balancing act and I feel like I am still practicing.

I wonder if anyone else feels the same? I have a great idea and then I am asked a mommy question and puff! Gone. I welcome any tips or tricks you may have to help with all this. As I am writing this my son has come down dressed like ‘little red riding hood’ asking for crisps!

I love my job, kids and husband but, I would love an hour alone to get ideas together. Sometimes there is an evening here or there but then as a human I am wrecked from the day and find it difficult to  get my mind in gear.

I have lots of journals dotted around the house, which I think worked for like a week. I wonder how books will get written at this rate and if any other writers experience this also.

And yes, as a writer, I am envious of all those other writers who have time to read pieces, contemplate and put beautiful works together. I do not want my writing to feel rushed or haphazard. I think in the past 20 minutes, I have said “just a sec Hun, mammy’s typing” at least 6 times.

Puff! Gone

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One thought on “Puff! Gone”

  1. I sympathise completely. Parenting definitely halts productivity! I’m something of a night owl myself so usually manage an hour or two in the evenings after I’ve put the little one down. Otherwise it’s like you – bits and pieces during the day – occasionally jotting ideas down in my phone when an idea or words float through my mind in an attempt to catch them. The evening is when I try to string something together properly, although sometimes the day catches up with me then and a glass of wine and Netflix is all I can manage. Such as tonight! Keep plugging away when you can – it’s worth it!


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