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Awakening – A Poem

Originally posted on Barstool to the Beach:
Peering through the fabric of realityBeyond normality disguising mass insanityLike stepping off a treadmill that is in the darkAnd wandering through a beautiful sun-drenched park Therein lies the true-life missionThrough the mind and into the intuitionThe constant negative affirmations with which we are bombardedLeaves the ego off centre,…

Absence- does it make the heart grow fonder?

Lots of thought and little action, brings tears. Moments of happiness, are stolen. Time an immortal enemy, Distance the battlefield. Yearning for the one fated glimmer of hope, Absence, does it make the heart grow fonder? Copyright Β© 2020 Gourmet for the Soul – All rights reserved


My eyes are closing, and I am thinking of you, There are stars in heaven, a bright spark in the chasm of darkness, Just like you. Your heart burns with the intensity of the sun, I am drawn into your light, As I watch you move worlds with your smile. My eyes are sore fromContinue reading “Stars”

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