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Soul Beauty

Soul Beauty There is a beauty in each note that she cannot explain Her soul is drawn to the music She sees what cannot be seen She feels what cannot be felt She is what she cannot be, anywhere else The danger lurks behind every quaver, She dances on the keys of her soul BalancesContinue reading “Soul Beauty”

The Amazing Patrick Kavanagh

Such an inspiration in my Youth- Grateful O stony grey soil of MonaghanThe laugh from my love you thieved;You took the gay child of my passionAnd gave me your clod-conceived. You clogged the feet of my boyhoodAnd I believed that my stumbleHad the poise and stride of ApolloAnd his voice my thick tongued mumble. YouContinue reading “The Amazing Patrick Kavanagh”

Awakening – A Poem

Originally posted on Barstool to the Beach:
Peering through the fabric of realityBeyond normality disguising mass insanityLike stepping off a treadmill that is in the darkAnd wandering through a beautiful sun-drenched park Therein lies the true-life missionThrough the mind and into the intuitionThe constant negative affirmations with which we are bombardedLeaves the ego off centre,…

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